Testifying of God

Break the chains and let the truth—God, free your mind from the bondage of this world. Here is the best place to understand critical biblical topics from the scriptures—a literary masterpiece. The journey to God and with God is challenging and without compromise, but it is worth it.

Christianity has cast a spell of lethargy bound so tight it has paralysed even the strongest who have entered its doors. The exit is shrouded in doubt and their hands, laden with sins, are too weak to crawl even if they found it.

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Who is the true Israel?

Are you an Israelite? Knowing the true Israel of God is the key to entering the kingdom of heaven. Do you have the courage to find out if you are in or out?

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Seeing demons everywhere inside men who serve the kingdom of earth

She sees demons all around

A literary sensation showing the world at war with a secret enemy who enlisted many people offering money and material rewards or withholding it as punishment.

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Afraid to stand for God
Spiritual Warfare
A Servant of God

AFRAID to stand for God: Here is what happens!

To stand for God is not hiding inside a fearful congregation. Standing in the face of the world for the instructions of God, not afraid, is fighting for God.

The wolf leads the flock
Courage and Boldness
A Servant of God

The journey and our purpose: The time is now

Learn the secret weapon on life’s journey to God and the only way to escape Satan’s deceptions and guarantee your position in the kingdom of God.

Separate from the world
The journey to God will separate you from the world, and you will clearly see who loves this world and God. Many people in this world will hate you for serving God without knowing why, and many will claim to believe but are liars and will not stand on the battleground with God.
Servant of God
As a servant, you should stand with God and his Son. The journey will separate you from all religions, including Christianity. While many "Christians" will see this as a betrayal, those who journey to God realise that obedience to him will inevitably separate you from the world. Religions seek to control you, but only God must be your teacher.
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