Testifying of God

Break the chains and let the truth—God, free your mind from the bondage of this world. Here is the best place to understand critical biblical topics from the scriptures—a literary masterpiece. The journey to God and with God is challenging and without compromise, but it is worth it.

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Testifying of God Video Playlist

A collection of informative, motivational and scripturally sound videos testifying of God and to help you on your journey to him.

Coming to Jesus Christ: Revealing Truth

Choosing to follow the law and keep the instructions of God is the testimony of Jesus. Coming to Jesus is to Worship God. No compromise and with complete faith.

Apocalpypse (Revelation) Series

Worship: Keeping the Commandments of God

What it means to worship God

What truly is worship, and how we must worship God. Learn how to ignore the lies, the theft, the prostration and the antics which will get you nowhere.

Withered Flower

Your judgement day

When are we judged, immediately upon death or at the return of Jesus? The answers are found here without compromise.

Time Events

The scriptural hour

See how to calculate the scriptural hour without bias using the prescribed biblical elements of timekeeping.

The journey to God will separate you from the world, and you will see clearly, who loves this world and who loves God. Many people of this world will hate you for serving God without knowing why, and many will claim to believe but are liars and will not stand on the battleground with God.
As a servant, you should stand with God and his Son. The journey will separate you from all religions, including Christianity. While many "Christians" will see this as a betrayal, those who journey to God will realise that to be obedient to him will inevitably separate you from the world -- and the religions which seek to guide you and control you. We are all taught by God and not imposters.

More Shocking Truths

Seeing demons everywhere inside men who serve the kingdom of earth

She sees demons all around

A literary sensation showing the world at war with a secret enemy who enlisted many people offering money and material rewards or withholding it as punishment.

The Name of the Beast

The name of the BEAST

Who has the "name of the beast" and will be left out of the kingdom of God? Learn the mark of the beast and what it means.

Grilled Beef Steak with Spices

Milk or Meat?

The time is now to move from the nursing stage of God and get a deeper connection with him. Understanding and wisdom comes from God and he gives this freely to those who seek Him.

Become a true Christian

How to become a true Christian

Learn how to become a true Christian and distinguish between the Christianity of the world and those who truly serve God.