Receive a mark in their foreheads simplified (Revelation 13)

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The mark of the beast is a controversial topic with many creative ideas on what it could be. Most of my encounters on search engines and social media to explore what the world thinks on this topic have yet to make the grade. To understand the mark of the beast and all it entails, it is crucial to break down all the facets of the passage and then put all the understanding together. Here, “receiving a mark in their foreheads” is simplified, allowing anyone to understand the meaning, even if they cannot understand all the passages.

Understanding: In their foreheads

The forehead, on one level, is literal or leans in that direction. Still, as time has passed with the change in culture and language, it has become harder to understand the meaning of words written many centuries ago. Still, looking at the word forehead would imply that it has something to do with the head, mind, thoughts or understanding, but is this what the Bible has in mind?

Moses read the laws of God to the Israelites in Deuteronomy, and he commanded that they should keep or lay up the words in their hearts and minds (frontlets between their eyes). To both live by the instructions and teach them to the next generations.


The STRONGS reference for the word “that they may be as frontlets” is H2903, a Hebrew feminine noun, טּוֹפָפָה transliterated as ṭôwphâphâh and pronounced to-faw-faw’, with the meaning:

towphaphah (to-faw-faw') n-f.
1. a fillet for the forehead
[from an unusued root meaning to go around or bind]
KJV: frontlet.

The etymology of fillet (noun) shows the definition of this word closer to when it was written in the scriptures.

Early 14c., “little headband,” from Old French filet “thread, filament; strip, ligament” (12c.), diminutive of fil “thread” (see file (v.1)). Sense of “cut of meat or fish” is from late 14c., apparently so called because it was prepared by being tied up with a string.

The use of frontlets matches the use of the forehead today, a strip or cut between the eyes on someone’s head.

Breakdown: in their foreheads

Luke’s account of Jesus shows that the heart refers to the mind when used in specific contexts. The body, soul & spirit shows the body as flesh, the soul as the individual in question and the spirit as inhabiting everything from God.

The individual is defined by the principles he subscribes to, which guide their life. The body is a host for each person while they live on earth. The things we speak are the things we hold in our heart or mind; the things we hold dear—our passion, i.e. job, pastimes, kids, money, house, assets, business, sex, hedonism, etc.

Heart equals Mind: In their foreheads

Heart Mind

Bind the instructions in the forehead. Learn them, keep them close to your heart and teach the next generations.

Good things are those things of God, as he is the definition of good. Jesus clarified that we are to bind things that are good in our hearts, live by them, and teach them to our children. The world tends to redefine the words when it is not accommodating and has done that to “good”, but Jesus made it clear that there is no other who is good besides God.


The forehead is our mind which defines us as individuals. The things we mentally ingest and speak with our mouths are who we are. Our forehead is equivalent to our soul, us as individuals and whatever you think, that is what we say and do.

We are commanded to teach the next generation, and what else will we teach besides what you know and do? Consequently, our minds—our foreheads define us and determine whose side, by the instructions we follow, we are on.

What defines a servant of God is he puts God first before everything. That person has given his life to God in words and thoughts and actions resulting from those thoughts. Everything he does is centred around delivering the commands of the Father and his Son, Jesus.

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