Powerful: Negro persecution and the shame of society

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The negro speaks.

When you look at me, you see the stereotype of the world. You know what and who the world says I am, but your old eyes cannot discern my soul and the spirit living within me. The smog-filled air around has blackened your eyes—you cannot see.

I look at you with wise eyes and dark skin, seeing society’s shame. My feet walked by unconcerned and unsympathetic—I didn’t care. I could not see the spirit within you, your soul that shone passionately, crying out. That smog-filled air blackened my eyes—I couldn’t see.

Homeless man in poverty laying on the pavement

When we both heard of God, we scoffed—we were too busy with life. He was fake, a lie; he was there to control. The television, religion and our neighbours all testified to this. Oh, how persuasive to be accepted can be. To be taken into the fold of the many and not be left out in the cold abyss of loneliness. So we go along willingly—eagerly with the crowd.

Now, I look at you again with new eyes. I see a person swallowed up by the world and left to die. Consumed by the lies of the world. I see the slaying of a beautiful soul drowned by the wicked waters. My heart now overflows with pain and my tongue, anew, speaks only with love.

Woman holding heart shaped red neon signage

Now, look at me again—look with new eyes. I want you to see a servant of the Most High God, not the person you were told I was. See the spirit within me that shines through because of his mercy and love. See the nature of my soul so that you may see the light of the one I serve.

Now, look at the God of heaven. Now your eyes are opened, and the smog has cleared. Understand that they lied about him also. When you cry, he hears. You will find him when you search with the same desire as the pain you cried. He hears the prayers of the righteous—those ready to honour his name, truth, authority, and the discipline of his laws.

The world is a lie, but he is real. He cannot be found in the Church, on the TV, in books, or within religious or secular institutions. You see, if he could be found there, then the world would not hate you. They would lift you up and not walk past. If the world scoffs at you and scoffs at God, then the world hates you and hates God. The world and God are not the same. Why do you listen to the world and not God when the world treats you and God the same?

Question and Answer Scene

They hate him passionately, and only a few will find the way. He will change your life away from the world. In this world, it will be tough to stand for truth—for God. It requires you to trust that he will clear the path when you walk in his name—under his authority and in his character.

And he will!

Just look at me, whom you once stereotyped. I am his testament.

I am fierce as the lion within me and gentle as the dove that has softened my heart. Also, I am wise, but only through him. The world hates you, and the world hates him. The world loved you when you walked with it but threw you away when you departed.

Their love was not unconditional but self-serving.

Love the master who loves you, walk with the master who guides you, stay with the master who picks you up when you stumble and honour the master who will honour and open for you the doors of heaven.

The rainbow is the glory of God, not the abomination of the world
The rainbow is the glory of God, not the abomination of the world

Your time is now.

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