The Spirit of fornication in women overpowers the man

Women are more often overcome by the spirit of fornication than the man. This statement is evident for any man willing to overrule the simp within themselves and any woman wanting to be honest.

Women know the fire within their loins and the secrecy that uncovers its veil. The traditions have kept closed the legs of wanton release. Today the lid of feigned innocence is uncovered, and the consequences revealed since the departure from the instructions of God.

The "vile" patriarchy

Marriage: Wedding couple and Christian patriarchy

The patriarchy is and has been under attack for quite some time now. The reason for the attack, while evident to some, others are left swallowed by emotions and division, never able to see the truth. They never realise the attack is on God. Many women are consumed with proving their individuality and strength and are blinded to the real agenda. The onslaught is waged in ways such as calling men promiscuous, portraying women always as victims, dismantling the union of marriage, and even “empowering” women to defile their bodies in so many ways.

Consequently, today we have found ourselves in an almost completely hedonist and upside-down world. The women seek to lead, including the so-called “Christian” women (who wish to submit under their terms, de facto leading in disguised submission). In their leadership, the world sinks rapidly into a cesspool of filth and debauchery. Society paints men with the brush of mere dogs sleeping with whatever bitch opens their legs. A society built on skewed scriptural doctrines coming from a form of godliness—Christianity; and building upon that foundation, a doctrine extended to support all forms of promiscuous relationships except marriage, even polygamy. Despite all this, the scriptures teach that women are more prone to fornication than men.

The ploys of feigned victimisation must be exposed, and despite being the physically weaker sex, their guile far  exceeds that of men and is infinitely more dangerous.

The scriptures present many incidents where women display indecency and indulge in deceit and immorality. It takes an agreement between all parties, unless it’s rape, to participate in sexual fornication and adultery. Despite their beauty and innocent faces, women are complicit in this sin.

Why one wife?

Men throughout the scriptures have had many wives. Given that women are highly sexual creatures prone to outlandish acts (Romans 1:26), men must pay particular attention to their wives. The passage below, while mutually beneficial to both husbands and wives, ensures husbands are not negligent to their wives’ needs.

Naked woman leaning against glass in frustration

To dissuade his wife from committing adultery, a husband needs to be able to perform his sexual duty to the wife when she needs it. He may be able to have many wives, but if he is overly satisfied by his harem, how could he effectively perform his duties to all of his wives?

This thought is evident in Paul’s writing, where he advises a bishop (1 Timothy 3:1-5) should have only one wife. Intending for him to manage his household effectively by not being overwhelmed. If a man cannot manage his household, how can he seek to lead the church? Discontent in a man’s household due to the flaring of the wife’s needs due to the husband’s neglect brings to the forefront the sexual needs of a wife—a woman.

The woman at the well

What more emphasises a woman’s need than her strong desire for companionship? The woman of old’s modest appearance masked her inner desires, but today’s women let it all hang out. They carry their shame with boldness, and while they express their inner desires, they do it with utter contempt for decency and let the bedroom freedom unto the streets.

Suffering many psychological setbacks while also crying for intimacy, they carry on pouting with ignorance wishing to be thought of with decency, but they throw it away wantonly.

Woman getting water from well

The woman at the well had five husbands; her current partner was not her husband. A woman has many needs, but we must not discount her nature and strong desire for intimacy. Her nature leads her from one man to the next.

She got caught Red-Handed!

Where is the man who committed adultery with her? Should he also not be on trial? Of course! However, the focus of this post is the woman’s sexual nature.

a woman in blue denim jeans hiding inside white wooden cabinet

It takes two to tango, and she consciously placed herself in that position because of her desires. The need that has been ignored about the woman is her inner demon, her burning inside, which is ultimately stronger than the man’s desires.

Her desire to remain anonymous is strong discouragement. Ultimately once her needs are unmet and the opportunity for discretion presents itself, she eventually falls.

Her voice is soft as a feather, soothing as silk and her lips are as sweet as honey, but do be deceived by the carnal; her loins burn just as the man’s, even with a greater fire.

The unfaithful concubine

Here we see the act of adultery and the fleeing of a guilty woman. Ultimately, her reason for committing this act is unknown, but the evidence that she, while married, committed in Israel an offence not punishable by divorce but by death. How powerful is her sexual desire that she is willing to ignore such a severe penalty to quench her thirst?

Woman biting her lips in lust

Willing partners commit adultery and fornication. One side cannot be blamed, while the other bats their eyes in feigned innocence and cries the wolf of exploitation.

The woman ran to her father after being found out, knowing what she had done and the penalty. Nevertheless, grace for that sin was given to her by her husband, who forgave her. This, however, brings to the forefront the desires and fire in the secret places of women and, by this account, are as great or greater than men’s.

The desperation of Zelicah

The story of Zelicah

Potiphar’s wife burned in her lust for Joseph to the point where she got sick. Her desire for him roared so much that she offered herself to him so that he could lord over her as her husband as long as he committed adultery with her. She deceives her husband openly by advertising Joseph’s celibacy while secretly trying to force Joseph to couple with her. She went as far as to offer to commit to serving God if only he slept with her. The matter is serious, but the hilarity of sinning to become righteous is a joker’s laugh.

Just one more sin, and then I will serve 🙂 God! There will always be one more sin.

Bold, lustful & beguiling woman

The Spirit of Fornication

The woman burned so much in lust she daily attempted to persuade Joseph. Furthermore, she punished and threatened him with death when he would not succumb to her wiles. What kind of fire is this burning within this woman? Is this not more than that of a man?

A woman in power and in opposition to God freely expresses her sexual deviance with the lust that flows through her eyes, smile and lips. The power of her passion is only controlled by the structure God has put in place. Eve expressed her inner wants, which were in opposition to the commands of God; thus, she was caused to be subject to her husband.

Zelicah exemplifies the reason God put the hierarchy in place.

The complicit wife

Sapphira’s deceit planned with her husband Ananias and uttered out of her mouth testified to her agreement and nature. Women are not exempt from lying; they often resort to guile because they overpower.

7. And it was about the space of three hours after, when his wife, not knowing what was done, came in.

8. And Peter answered unto her, Tell me whether ye sold the land for so much? And she said, Yea, for so much.

9. Then Peter said unto her, How is it that ye have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? behold, the feet of them which have buried thy husband are at the door, and shall carry thee out.

10. Then fell she down straightway at his feet, and yielded up the ghost: and the young men came in, and found her dead, and, carrying her forth, buried her by her husband.

The fact that she was willing to lie to Peter for greed attests to her character that lies within her flesh. Women are not exempt from wickedness no matter how many tears they cry to receive sympathy.

The law of a wife's trespass

The law of a wife's trespass

God puts laws in place to handle situations that presented themselves. The evidence suggests that laws or punishments were put in place once the people committed the acts, thereby having evidence of the issue (Numbers 15:32-36: Violating the Sabbath for work, Leviticus 18:18: A law preventing the issues Jacob suffered with Rachel and Leah).

The law is in place to address when wives commit adultery in secret, and having the law itself, shows the problem exists. The passage continues (Numbers 5:19-24) and shows that there are times the wives, despite being taken to the priest, will not admit their wrongdoing.

Conclusion: The Spirit of Fornication

Women often play the victim of fornication, but the fact is that for a man to fornicate, he needs to have a partner in the act. This indicates that the woman he fornicates with is complicit in sin and not a man alone. The feigned innocence is only that since all women know that they are not born without the ability to think and to deceive. They do not go between the sheets without knowing exactly what they are doing.

The women of the world today walk everywhere in sexually explicit outfits, with the veil of innocence on their faces. The hypocrisy of their expressions is almost too much to bear, knowing that they appreciate their impact on the gazing eyes of men. Yet, they cry wolf if their wiles do not yield the desired result, knowing full well that what they put out there in the world is the attire of a harlot.

Women are cunning, deceitful and more prone to sexual fornication than men, and men must guard themselves against the wiles lest they fall into sin. The fact that God has placed men above women is used as a whipping stick to chastise and shame men into submission and to elevate women to the lead position. The consequence of this action is a world propelled into sexual deprivation that has never been seen on this scale.

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