Remarkable Journey to Health: Foods to Avoid

Your quality of your life can be significantly improved by breaking the health mould of what you see around you. The secret, while simple, is contrary to the teachings of the world today, its food systems, scientific methods and widely spoken mantra.

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Foods to avoid is a real thing

The question to ask yourself based on how many diets, fads and trends you or someone you know have followed, did it work and if not, why? If you cannot answer that question, then you are in the correct place.

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Don’t take for granted your health, and don’t assume that the world cares about your health. The philosophy of the world is to consume and monetise. Solving problems does not generate a sustainable (continuous exploitation for profit) income. Instead, patching problems is the economic model that powers the world systems. Therefore the solutions they offer often have an income recurrence strategy attached to them, including those for your health. Since you want to be healthy, you need to take control of your heath.

Foods to Avoid

The health rules in the scriptures (Leviticus 11) are incredibly significant for our health. These instructions were not merely for ceremonial purposes but are crucial to our health.

Surprisingly, many more foods than you imagine are made from biblically “unclean” sources. This post intends to highlight many foods you should avoid, which will not be complete, and the fundamental principles you should follow.

Shock Horror

Going down this path would see your worldly readymade diet choices shrink by biblical proportions, and your health will dramatically increase. You will also find many people who will ridicule and attempt to sway you deliberately from this diet.

Basic Guidance

Avoid eating any of these foods or foods containing these ingredients in the table below. Stay clear of restaurants, takeaways, cafes, and any place other than your kitchen. It is best only to eat what you prepare yourself. Please do not eat any processed foods. Most foods bought do not list all the ingredients of ingredient composites (what the components, such as flavouring, are made of).

Eat natural and Avoid Everywhere except your kitchen

Avoid foods which have ingredients you cannot pronounce or easily understand what they are.
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