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I, your servant, imperfect as I am, humble myself before you this day to make my request. I have not always hearkened unto your voice, preferring the easy, well-trodden path. I have not always stood tall, as the light on the mountain glorifying your name — ashamed. To be the only one standing is a privilege, but I have not always treated it as such. When I read your word and I hear you speak with power, with conviction, with such surety, it reassures and revitalises me to press forward.

I can see the world, my God, and I hate it. I hate the greed, I hate the immorality, I hate the blindness, I hate the blaspheming of your holy name, I hate the disregard of your instructions, I hate the lying, the deception, I hate the whole fibre of this existence. Yet sometimes I wonder amidst all my hatred for this world if I have done enough in your sight to be pleasing, to be welcomed into your bosom — into your kingdom.

Lighthouse on the Coast
A light in the darkness of this world

Even though you have brought me this far, there is this hole inside me that is yet to be filled. I walk and the more clearly I see, through the wisdom you have given me, the more my heart cries for the world, but the world does not cry for itself. Instead, it delights in my downfall and ridicules my existence and with a forked tongue, it speaks foul hypocrisy claiming to love you.

How could they love you, when the shackles of bondage have not been shed? How could they love you when your Spirit will break the bonds of all your servants? How could they love you when they cannot see the chains that have bound them to this world? Do they not know that you give your Spirit to those who seek you? How then do they speak these words, yet they do not have your offering?

Sometimes, I feel like an anomaly. One sitting outside the boundaries of this world with nowhere to call home. Yes, I know you are there. I can feel you each day. I can see your hand working in my life. I have seen those you have sent to me.

One said to me:

β€ŸThe rain is necessary.”

Another said to me:

β€ŸI am a Sun worshipper.”

She basked in the sunlight.

The Day Star rises in my heart and the wisdom of this world is foolishness to me. I thank you my God for sending to me your messengers and for answering my prayers.

I thank you for giving me the strength to walk tall with you and I pray for those who not knowing you exhibit the qualities of your name. They have been robbed until now of your goodness, but I pray that you send your Spirit to them and do to them what you have done for me.

Let them rise and join the fray without a doubt that their salvation is near and is with you!

The Truth

The truth, your Spirit, wisdom, your Son will set us free from this cage without bars and death.

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