Immediately getting an answer from God. How and Why?

It was a quiet morning, and my wife was with the kids at the zoo, giving me time to get a few things done. I sat at my desk, trying to get my work done. Having lost my password a few months ago, I was in the process of trying to recover it. I had not needed it until now. It was tedious work, and unfortunately, I was selected for the task.

A few hours elapsed with the task not yet complete, but the family reunited again at home. So much time has passed so quickly. My wife suggested that we should get something to eat, and despite the strong compulsion of the Ovsiankina effect, I relented.

Follow God

Following the instructions of God are easy, but the world is determined to cause you to stumble at every turn. Eating according to the instructions of God requires cooking the food yourself. To go further requires, in this world, growing your food. And while I know that what defiles is what is in your heart, if I can follow the instructions, why not?

Eating foods offered to idols offend God, and most foods today are halāl. Most of these places use meat from halāl butchers because it is cheaper, with the meat offered to the God of Islam.

Some would argue that the God of Islam is the same God of the Bible. I would say studying the scriptures plainly shows that it disagrees with the quran and the hadith.

The God you serve is the one whose instructions you follow. Do Muslims follow God or, rather, their religion, governed by their leaders?

Despite lately sticking to the vegetarian options, a small voice in my head repeated that we should not even order these vegetarian dishes. Don’t order anything at all. I thought it was the crazies in my head talking, so I ignored it. However, the voice persisted, so finally, I thought, let me have a quick “put it all on God” moment. I said:

God if this is you talking to me let my order fail.

A woman browsing the menu in a restaurant

I was using an online service to make my order. This service I had used it many times in the past, so I clicked the reorder button and proceeded to fill the basket. After adding four dishes, I look at the price and wondered why on earth they were charging me close to forty pounds. In the basket, I saw eight or nine dishes. That’s right silly, I had clicked the re-order button.

I deliberated on which card to use, then clicked the button to order. The VISA verified window popped up, and then after a short time, I got a strange message which I ignored. Then shortly after, I got a text message saying that the restaurant declined my order. I looked on the website, and indeed, the order was rejected. My wife and I were both shocked because this had never happened before.

I started looking for another restaurant to order from as I had entirely forgotten about my prayer. Then it hit me so hard. It was a hands-over-the-mouth moment. Could this be a coincidence? It had never occurred before, so how do we explain this?

So God does listen to prayers

Never have we eaten in these restaurants and takeaways again to this day.


I have learnt through many experiences that prayers in the name of God are those pursuant to his desires. I prayed to be able to keep the commandments, and he answered. When I govern my life to his order, he answers. Whatever I do to accomplish his will, he answers.

Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.

Luke 22:42
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