The HOTTEST fried chicken EVER: Powerful LUST

I looked at her ever-increasing cleavage, her bare stomach and shaved legs as her outfit’s length decreased. Clothing akin to cling film covered her jiggling cheeks with needlepoint precision. My loins burned, and my mind could not focus on anything else but the consumption of that chicken. Thoughts of lust towards this delightful dish swirled around my mind, and nothing could shake it. I tried fiercely, but the seed had already been sown and fueled by supercharged nuclear power.

I saw her everywhere I looked. She was in photographs, on social media, in movies, at work, walking the streets, bars, clubs, and everywhere my eyes roamed. I would have to close my eyes to cleanse my eyes and cleanse my mind to evade her perfectly carved form.


Black guy sitting at desk in thought

I pondered over the answer to why my flesh was on fire. I desired to calm it but putting out those flames was impossible. My Spirit was willing, but my flesh was weak, and I could not discern how to dismantle these desires.

There was a never-ending well of cravings driving me crazy. I was passionate about accomplishing other things, including pursuing God, but these demons surfaced their heads every waking moment. They were consuming my thoughts and evaporating my short-lived life into a comedy of unfulfillment. How do I dedicate my life when the flesh is so powerful?

Why did I see some others not struggling with this problem?


Gavel and balance plus law and judgement

I grew to love God and strove to keep his commands the best I knew. I looked around at the world and saw a chaotic and lawless world floundering towards an inevitable drowning. Despite this chaos, the determination to fight against the instructions of God was steadfast. It was as if a puppetmaster controlled the strings and God was their mortal enemy.

I came to the health laws and became a vegetarian at one point. I followed this predominant teaching in various circles, and while I no longer believe this, I found something interesting.

My cravings diminished.

The more I followed the instructions and removed unclean foods and lustful content from sources such as movies, books, social media content, pornography, bars, clubs, and associates who indulge in these activities; the journey became manageable.

Chicken Lust

Woman biting her lips in lust

I stumbled back into enjoying the joys of eating meat. Oh, how wonderful it tasted. Surprisingly, with shock and horror, the demon reared its head once again.

Why was this surprising? Despite having experienced the decline of my lusts, I still didn’t fully pinpoint the critical element. I could not focus for any time to benefit myself, much less God. Then, a genius idea occurred to me to stop consuming the chicken again. And lo and behold, the urges decreased gradually over a few days and weeks.

While I am not a doctor or a nutritionist or work in the health profession, I realised that something was amiss. We know the populace can no longer use their brains, and only certified professionals can have opinions.

But I am positive there is lust in the chicken!


Removing meat from my diet, including fish, yielded a great result. In addition, the removal of content the world calls normal, but anyone with eyes can see the depravity contributed to a focused mind. I look around, and I see the relentless quest for flesh. I understood that the advice of Balaam was in full effect through modern science and the foods you consume.

The best advice healthwise I received was to eat anything I desired but cook it myself. Since I wanted God, I cooked clean foods myself and left out any meats and anything with unclean ingredients under chemical names, such as animal-based glycerin.

Today, I can bring under subjection my flesh.

But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

1 Corinthians 9:27 KJV

Do not eat the chicken and that burning you feel right now will dwindle!

But Judas Maccabeus with nine others, or thereabout, withdrew himself into the wilderness, and lived in the mountains after the manner of beasts, with his company, who fed on herbs continually, lest they should be partakers of the pollution.

2 Maccabees 5:27 KJV

If you genuinely desire to eat chicken and other meats, raise the animals yourself without using commercial feed to ensure they are free from all these chemicals that create lust in your flesh.

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