Salvation β€” The hidden secrets for entering God’s kingdom?

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We have been told that religion offers the path to God and salvation, yet those who practice religion often turn to other avenues when they need help. The bank for a loan, witchcraft for relationships or revenge, the employer for money, plus even offering and receiving sexual services for financial gain. Their prayers carry no weight, which they have realised and therefore have turned and indulged the world to receive their needs and wants.

Most have forgotten to build their treasures in heaven and offer their lives to God first, and then everything else will be given to them (Matthew 6:19-21). However, they love the things of the world and strive daily for everything the world offers and put no weight on the fact that this life is temporary. Ultimately, this position denies them the secrets of salvation, whether knowing or believing.

The two major religions of Christianity and Islam, both have a secret. The first fights against keeping the laws of God, and the second fights against acknowledging the Son of God. Christianity indulges the world through its doctrine of grace, which denies the law. In this doctrine, they enable their followers to sin without fear of the undiluted wrath of God. Islam denies the grace of God, which is Jesus, his Son, who is sent to lead us to Him.

Both religions destroy any hope of getting to God.

The law

The law of God

Jesus did not destroy the law of God (Matthew 5:17 + Luke 24:44); in fact, his life is an example to us where the laws of God were paramount in every step he took. Not one minuscule aspect of the law will be removed until everything is fulfilled. Neither will heaven or earth be removed until all is fulfilled (Matthew 5:18). Heaven and earth are above and beneath our feet; thus, the law is still here.

The destruction of the law is to destroy the word of God. The entire basis of Jesus’s testimony on earth is to provide evidence of God and to show us what God wants. Without the law, God is missing. Without keeping the law, no one receives the Spirit, who is the Son of God.

God grants the Spirit to those who abide by his laws.

The Spirit

There is no power without the Spirit whom God gives to his servants. We hold no power of our own but that which God wields on our behalf.

The Holy Spirit, who is our advocateβ€”our helper, is sent by God to navigate our path through this world (John 14:16). The world and the beast (kingdom) running it are in total opposition to God. Its mark, its friendship and agreement in the neverending pursuit of money and material gain has consumed the world. This quest is illuminated through hedonism and the attempted destruction of the sovereignty of God, hidden under the guise of progress.

The Spirit, Jesus, is the only one who knows the way to God. He is the only one who knows what God wants and can help us through this world. To deny him is to deny your only helper with the knowledge, wisdom and power to deliver you through this marsh of sin.

The path of life

So many hope for rewards from God but in no way offer him anything. He does not want to pray five times a day, attend church or the mosque, or perform the rituals of religion. By following his instructions, we live in a world under his rules and values. We fight for his realm by living a life according to his commands.

Shouldn’t we testify of God as his Son did?

Street preaching is only a form of Godliness but holds no power since the Son is not with them. The Son is given to those who keep the commands of God, and, therefore, those are the ones with power. Godliness is not pretence or following your heart; it is following the commands of God. There is no other way.

Many deny the instructions of God because his instructions go against the world. Therefore to follow God is to deny the world. All friends of the world are enemies of God, and if you love the things of the world, then you hate God (James 4:4-8). There is no in-between and no half-measures.

It is either one, the world, or the other, God.


Ways the righteous are persecuted

If you were of the world, the world would love its own, but you are not of the world; therefore, the world hates you (John 15:19).

The world does not appreciate anyone who does not hold its philosophy in their heart. They despise those who do not take the mark and hold the beast’s number, 666. The ones who do not love money and the things of this world.

The servant is not greater than the master; therefore, if they persecuted Jesus, they will persecute you also (John 15:20).

Anyone who serves Jesus by keeping God’s commands and has Jesus’s testimony will face difficulties in this world (Revelation 12:17). God will use this fire to purify and mold his servants into the shape he wants. However, those who fall away would not have proven themselves to be the gold God desires but rather the clay found in abundance and is of much less value (2 Esdras 8:2-3).

We, the servants of God, must rely on the Son, who, as the wind blows, chooses paths that we cannot imagine or understand (John 3:8). The enemy can fight against us, but not the Spirit of God; therefore, he is our Salvation as we walk the fiery annals of earth.


The power of God is seen in every passing day of your life and the opening of your eyes to the manifestation of his words. Each day you survive while following his instructions and being led by the Son is a manifestation of his power. A power which is truly known by seeing all of his words come alive and play out before your eyes.

I have fallen many times, but I do not stay down and claim that I will be acceptable to him in an unclean state. Even, I do not say that I cannot be perfect. I know the path is difficult, but I have seen that I can overcome everything the world can throw at me with the Son by my side.

Today is one more step in our journey of determination with the Advocate walking by our side.

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