Religion ≠ God

There is an extraordinary phenomenon that is akin to a dark cloud hanging over the entire world. This phenomenon has somehow developed out in the open, but while in secret. To think on it is fascinating, however, to get to the point of even broaching the question is a long journey.

God belongs to religion

  • Is religion the owner of God?
  • Do you need to be religious to seek God?
  • If I seek God, must I be part of a religion?

The question can take many forms, but the root of it is simple—the association of God with a particular religion or a denomination of religion.

I am a strong believer in the scriptures, which includes the Bible. I have read through the scriptures many times over, and have studied many topics. I am yet to find where the scriptures speak of religion. In fact, I have found the opposite. Proverbs 5 which can only be understood when built on precepts, clearly speak against religion — the strange woman (harlot, adulterous woman, immoral woman, prostitute) is religion. The scriptures clearly speak out against worshipping false gods. Yet today we see a different story in the world. I am ridiculed for claiming to believe in God without religion, but yet the religions pray to their imaginary god with never any answer. They sow seeds in these brothels getting poorer by the second while the whores take everything the Most High gave to them.

The deception is so great that it is hard to mentally cope with when the Most High opens your eyes to see the truth. If God does not prepare you, including giving you the understanding that he is greater, I would not think that anyone could make it through after seeing the truth.

There are many people who will ridicule what I have said, to discredit, but also to console themselves because their eyes have not been opened. The stark reality of the situation will be avoided because to know that they are not on the correct path is too much to bear, and their entire lives will be called into question. Only the brave, the wise amongst them, those who genuinely seek the truth will conquer their fear and move into the direction where the Most High will open their eyes.

It is right in front of your eyes, but many cannot see it. Do you think the constant onslaught against the Most High is an accident? Well, it is hard to explain to those who are no seeking God because the deception is everywhere.

You will find numerous assault on the existence of God on social media and other platforms, with the angle of enquiry coming from the perspective of religion. The sins of religion are then attributed to the Most High and his existence.

The entire world

Suppose I were to suggest once again that religion has nothing to do with God, what would say? Suppose I were to go even further and say that at the heart religion is an attack on the Most High, then what would you say? The deception is way greater than anyone can imagine.

Religion ≠ God

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