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The contest we all face

He answered and said, “This is the meaning of the contest which every man who is born on earth shall wage, that if he is defeated he shall suffer what you have said, but if he is victorious he shall receive what I have said.” 2 Esdras 7:127(57)-128(58) (RSV)

Daily we find ourselves in a battle in what seems an unwinnable war. Many of us concede and give in to the world. We at wakeuplookandsee.com have not complied but struggle each day to do the will of God and, in the process, defeat this world.

We share the truth of this world, the things we suffer now and the things which we will inherit if we win the war. An example of the work we must do and the things we will experience in this world has been given to us in Jesus. Not the church’s Jesus, but the Jesus sent by God.

If you are interested in knowing more about escaping this world, please read the articles and indulge in the resources provided. It all sounds like nonsense until your eyes are opened, then you will wonder why the world cannot see what you can see.

Once you have heard, please put what you have learned into action. Complete submission is required, and a step by step walk will be necessary to achieve this.

May God be with you on this incredibly vital, tiresome and treacherous journey to life.

The scriptures are built on precepts, a literary masterpiece that acts as its own dictionary—having layers of understanding within one statement with evidence written everywhere to substantiate.
Only when your eyes are opened you will see the truth. A truth you will then wonder, how you could not see before.



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