Easy Christianity MYTHS + lazy Christian TRUTHS

On the quest to get to know God, there is this phenomenon that you will run into quite often. It is surprising and irritating to the Spirit-filled and fired-up novice servant of God. Nonetheless, this phenomenon is so pervasive it is of pandemic proportions. Easy Christianity and lazy Christians who have been dulled into the abyss of nothingness while hoping for the reward.

These so-called servants of God have morphed into something akin to “lazy whisperers”; those people who believe that the way they serve God is by whispering in the ears of others. Instead of standing at the forefront for their God, they fear persecution, so they whisper in the ears of the perceived “naive” lambs and expect the God while the sacrificial lamb carries out their instructions.

Oh, how I despise lazy whisperers!

Woman Whispering in Man's Ear. Lazy Whisperer & Lazy Christians

Lazy whisperers

These whisperers genuinely believe in their shallow deluded hearts that if they can convince others to do their bidding, they are indeed working for God. Ponder this for those who find themselves in this dilemma, can you walk in the footsteps of Jesus by getting someone else to do the walking? I would think not (Luke 8:17-19, Isaiah 45:19-25, John 18:20).

  1. Shirking your responsibility instead of adding to the labourers to be able to get more work done (Matthew 9:37-38).
  2. Being a coward, hiding in the background while someone else takes the brunt of the backlash (John 15:18-20, Matthew 10:24-27, Fearful: Revelation 21:8).
  3. Hiding away in secret, rather than proclaiming God on the mountain (cities, nations, world) tops.
  4. Passing deception and false doctrines in secret while the naive spread them in the open.
  5. Testing theories from the shadows of safety having no faith in God.
  6. Afraid and embarrassed to stand up and be counted as a follower of God in the eyes of the public.

The people who want to enjoy the world and do what is convenient for themselves while expecting others to do their share of the work are no servants of God. Then there are the ones who spread lies and deceitful doctrines, not taught in the scriptures, through the mouths of others. Wow. What treachery!

Shameful & Unrighteous.

Easy Christianity?

False Worship in Church: Easy Christianity

Jesus taught that when you walk with God in this world it would be far from easy. In fact, it would be the hardest you ever did, because you would have to give your entire life it its service. You now belong to God and not youserlf.

If anyone thinks their is such a thing as easy Christianity, they are totally deluded; they will hear those famous words that everyone dreads. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity (Matthew 7:21-23).

In the gym, they would say, “feel the burn“; here on this platform, I say, “feel the passion for God“.

When we enlist in the service of God, it is not simply to hide in the background. If we say we have faith and he is real, why are we afraid to stand boldly for him? There is no such talent for using others as labourers because you are so scared. Imagine the conversation with Jesus explaining your efforts (Parable of the talents: Matthew 25:14-30), and your work was only to get others to work on your behalf.

Forever learning and never able to come to the truth (2 Timothy 3:5-9). The truth is God; if you serve him, you will follow his instructions. By not standing up, you are actively working for the enemy.


Be the person who stands up, does God’s work without regret, and be counted. If we claim to believe in Him and His promises, why are we more fearful of the enemy than of Him?

Those with the Mark of the Beast, including the harlots, such as Islam, Christianity and every crevice of this world, will persecute you. They will enjoy the things of the earth now, but what does it matter when your Father sent His Son to protect you?

This journey will indeed be a test of your faith and who you serve.

Feel the passion!

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