Controlling the stage

I am writing this post to show one of the most used techniques of control and deception. This post intends to help people identify and combat the well-practised technique, employed by the puppeteers and disseminated through its stem, branches and leaves.

The Goal

The first thing you must understand is the goal that the controller is aiming to achieve. Without understanding the purpose, you will never be able to grasp the many elements used to achieve this goal. I cannot stress enough how important this is since, without it, there is no chance of success.

While there is the base goal, there may also be sub-goals used to ultimately achieve the base goal. It is important to note that the sub-goals may sometimes appear to conflict with the base goal and in these circumstances, it is crucial to evaluate the outcome rather than the process.


One of the most effective ways to convince someone of something is to ensure that they are not aware of what you are doing. Base conditioning, the process of providing core values, should be done as early as possible in the person’s life, where the person has no apprehension to any input or stimulus; they are just sponge absorbing information. Conditioning can be done at any stage, but the earlier the programming, the harder it is to break. This programming gives the person a base point for every decision.


Repetition and bombardment are some of the elements of the most important in programming an individual. When it is successful, you can no longer call them individuals, but rather drones or part of the collective.

This conditioning can be achieved by continually reinforcing the message through countless mediums, in many shapes and forms. When this information is put to the person positively or negatively — whichever way is required, the person will undoubtedly adopt this view or at least be tolerant of it without even realising.

Peer Pressure

In order to keep a person in line, especially the apathetic or not so easily programmed, it is important to use the mob, created from repetitive conditioning and base conditioning, to bully and quieten those who do not share the same ideology. This approach achieves several goals:

  • conformity through pressure
  • silence (no opposition)


This weapon plays into one of the base conditioning of the person. The little manufactured world of this person has created a finite and small view of everything. The localised news and customised curriculum have limited the mind to a small area. That programming elicits cognitive dissonance when any argument presented about the goal is beyond their mental comfort zone.

The playing field

The playing field is always laid out to achieve the goal, meaning, it should favour only the elements and the actors that are pursuing the goal. The playing field will provide escape squares and rewards for the actors, but also penalties for those outside the circle, any dormant actors and any actor who has yielded to their base nature programming — where the mind always goes back to looking for the truth.


To combat the nature of the mind reverting to its innate programming — searching for the truth, you must keep the person occupied to stop this process from starting, continuing or finishing. So occupation here must be seen as keeping one busy enough so that independent thought and the nature-programmed driver does not surface.

The base programming also feeds into an occupation and can be seen in thought processes such as, “a dog eat dog world”, “only the strong survive”, “money talks” and “money makes the world go around”. The manifestation of this can be seen in many workplaces around the world, driving people to work unconscionable hours and do what can be classified as incredibly despicable things.


The current economic model worldwide supports several major pitfalls:

  • The ever-increasing prices with lagging income creating the constant worry and desperation for money
  • The magnetic effect of usury (finance) creates, always drawing the money back to the lender, creating that circular need to borrow again.

This model creates the same effect as the “Occupation”. The person is always busy with no time to search for the truth.


The constant diametric rhetoric of the media, sports, events, etc., fuel the division between people, groups, races, gender, nations, etc. Without this element being in constant play, many of the divisions would disappear almost overnight. This tool is potent and has been used very well to divide the people; keeping them fighting about everything with no time left to search for want matters.


This technique of distraction is achieved by some of the same elements mentioned before, including sports. However, it is different in the sense that even though it is not a dividing technique, it is occupying your time and therefore distracting you from what matters. There are many distractions such as:

  • Higher learning
  • Sports
  • Shopping
  • Movies
  • Clubs
  • Religion
  • etc

There is a fine line between engaging in activities and being consumed to the point of ignoring what is important.


“a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values.”

The number of commercials on the TV and adverts on the radio and other mediums is astounding. This need has been programmed repetitively into most people, leaving them envious, angry, jealous, hateful, deep in debt, etc. This greed keeps them busy shopping with no need or time to search for anything more.

Hiding, threads & misdirection

The base nature programming is compelling and will revert if not always under attack and having to work very hard to find the truth. At all turns, the truth must stay hidden; it must be destroyed whenever possible in addition to hiding it under ever-expanding threads of deception which all have their foundation, fictional history and thought processes.

These engineered threads are powerful on several levels:

  • They keep the person bound under their influence
  • If any person escapes the control of the thread, they will almost always fall into another thread
  • For the person who is acutely aware of the threads, they will struggle to find the pieces of the puzzle that constitute the truth.


Fear is one of the greatest motivators and comes in many shapes:

  • The fear of no security
  • The fear of ridicule
  • The fear of exclusion
  • The fear of losing control
  • The fear of going against the grain

These traits of a person are exploited to ensure that they are malleable and controllable. The one who succumbs to fear will indeed be the one that follows the masses irrespective of whether they believe in the mantra or not.

Setting the stage

A stage must feed into the base conditioning or the repetitive conditioning of the person. This then makes them more willing to accept or reject (according to what is desired) what is presented, and if not, the mob will either pressure them to go along or to be quiet. The stage must show in a favourable or unfavourable (according to what is desired) light the option that the person must choose, while all other options are either not feasible or abhorrent according to their programming.

While this stage is highly effective, it still has its drawbacks. It may not be one hundred percent successful in all cases, and therefore, the scene has failed to reach its goal.

Setting a no-lose stage

A stage must be set as before but with several key elements:

  1. All the options presented to the person must be in line with the goal (no choice will escape the target).
  2. The goal must not be the primary focus of the stage but rather an inevitable outcome from the scene.
  3. Send out the knights in shining armour and destroy any genuine advocate for the truth (Control the rhetoric, the dissent, the solutions and assuage the people with empty solutions that are in line with the first point).

This type of stage is tough to navigate for the person since the options presented, are all irrelevant and are mere misdirections from the desired goal. The primary goal will be achieved without the person being the wiser. This scenario can be paralleled with walking into a trap, being caught in the trap and not realising that you are in a trap.

The network of influencers?

Considering all the points made in this post; someone must do the work. Who exactly does the legwork to ensure that the people stay asleep?

You may think some high-powered decision-makers are sitting in their ivory or more likely charcoal tower making decisions — and you may be correct. Despite this, there are many foot soldiers in every facet of life actively carrying out these campaigns to deceive — or rather, influence.

There is an ever-growing army of influencers in many leadership positions, from your nursery, church, member of parliament, hospital, etc. If you can name it, they are there. You could even look at it this way; if you were not an influencer, you would not be allowed in that role in the first place.

This network of people is motivated by many factors including:

  • Money
  • Status
  • Esoteric insight (including insight into the many lies)
  • Inclusion into a select club (many worldly opportunities await)
  • A sense of separation from the cattle

What the majority of them do not understand is that they have also been base and repetitively programmed. The choice made in choosing that side has been influenced and made easier by their base conditioning.

The world stage today

The goal of the world is to transgress/break the law of God. To understand or visualise this, you will firstly need to know what the law is. The law is found in the Torah — the first five books of the Bible. How else would you know if it is being broken?

You do not need to believe in the law, but rather, when you know the law of God and compare it to the world around you, and you will see that it is under attack. Consider that the scripture states that any friend of this world is an enemy of God; stating that the world is in opposition.

Compare and contrast, and the truth will be visible. Everything the world does is to induce you to break the law.

That’s it — drop the mic.

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