Explore early writings and other valid scriptural texts outside the traditionally accepted protestant Bible. It is essential to explore all the word of God, whether so-called authorities approve it. Only God is the authority, and those who carry his name will see the truth.

Authored Books

The Mark of the Beast BookThe Mark of the Beast: Dispelling the Lies & Escaping the Mark

A popular topic such as this has a mountain of information available to consume. Unfortunately, most of what is available is far from the truth. This book provides a comprehensive and evidence-based analysis of the Mark of the Beast.

The statement in Revelation 13 has many people curious, scared and stumped, but the passage can only be solved if the same source is used to unlock it. The key to unlocking the scriptures’ mysteries is the scriptures themselves, and the key to unlocking the scriptures is God.

There are no fanciful interpretations such as COVID-19, CERN or even Genetic Modification, but pure evidence and a systematic approach to dissection each part of the passage and then concluding.

The Name, Number (666), Right Hand, Forehead, and Worship are all looked at in-depth against the backdrop of the world, and then the mystery is solved.