Our Belief

Our direction has taken some interesting turns over time with study and an open mind. Today, the world denies that there is a God unless you subscribe to a pagan one and then it’s okay. Broaching the topic of the biblical God causes the majority to squirm in their seat and brands you a nut — a religious nut!

Here at wakeuplookandsee.com, we take a non-worldly-religion approach to the Word of God. We believe that God and his WORD, whether written or in our body, his temple, are not subject to human or institutional enslavement. What the world thinks about God is guided by haters of God, but God must teach us all if we wish to know the truth.

We adopt a fundamentalist view that everything written by God is for a reason, and so far, after many years on this journey, not a single thing has failed. On the account that we follow God and not the world.

We do not subscribe to religion, but we wholeheartedly believe that our world and everything in it has a creator. Through our study of the protestant Bible (66 books), The Apocrypha, The Testament of the twelve patriarchs, The book of Jubilees, The Book of Jasher, The Book of Enoch, we have concluded that the most important thing to do is to Worship God.

To worship God is to keep the temple of our body clean by keeping the commandments of God.


A commandment is a command or instruction.

The commands that God gives are of the utmost importance.

Following God

Why do we follow these instructions? If we take this world as a measure of the mirror of God, then walking with God is the best thing someone can do. The scriptures, however, shows that we cannot even imagine the glory of God and what is in store for us; this leaves no doubt in the path we have taken.

There is a wide belief that these laws are for God are obsolete, but those who have read the books with an unbiased view in their search for God would have found that rather than for God’s indulgence, he gave us life which he is the source. There is life in following his laws.

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